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At the early age of any child, parents  feel  proud that his child is one of the most intelligent among other children, which is true and there is no doubt, but seeing his own past experiences no one’s parent will deny that ultimately it is an individual & its thought process, mathematical skill, Creativity, Confidence, indulgence by doing, guidance and of course hands on practical training during the pre school age and onwards  make the child genius, one stage ahead then intelligent, to shape up their productive future in the competitive world.
So are you ready to make your intelligent child as genius and ready to shape up his/her    productive future now?
Have you selected  any program, workshops, academies which provide all this? There are so many programs and their academy running for teaching mathematical concepts but they all are teaching either Vedic Maths, analytical maths, abacuses etc. Parents feel that for enhancing the brain of a child it is very good & OK but there is not much practical use of it in a real world. Ultimately every parent, for their intelligent child wants to select the program, academies, which is more practically useful for their future and  must be productive results oriented in this really physical world.
 Yes " GEOMAITRI" is an academy, aims to tap the potential of enhancing your child’s whole brain  from pre school age onwards. And particularly cover real world mathematical Geometry and colour. The program is designed in accordance with the pattern how children learn and understand real world mathematical concepts very easily when they do hands on activities with maths manipulative and how they apply and explore in the really physical world. 
In" GEOMAITRI" program we have adopted an effective bilateral way of teaching geometrical maths using a combination of the “cognitive” and “curriculum” based maths hands on activities using the maths manipulative according to the age group level Pre KG on words, which helps children to understand and retain mathematical concepts in sequence very easily and compare, explore and apply to the really physical world. 
" GEOMAITRI" training program has a designated platform encouraging children to produce multiple solutions for single problems in a most creative manner by doing hands on activities with the use of maths manipulative. The aim is to develop enthusiasms, get rid from math phobia and make friendship with math amongst children, hence to shape up their productive future.


Activities, Angles, Area, Art, Basic, Blocks, Bead Pattern, colour wheel theory, Conic section, Circles, Coordinate, Design, De section, Escher Art    Fraction, Formulas, Fractal, Flexagon toy making, Geo board, Geo Fun, Geo Desic Dome, Graph, Grid, Golden Ratio, Geo History, Geo Layout, Geo Painting, Geo Picture, Geo poly Picture, Geo Perspective view, Geo Puzzles, Geo Structure, Hexsign, Inversion, Illusion Isometric & orthographic view, Line, Mosaics, Mathematicians, Net, Origami, Paper Models of Polyhedra, Polyhedra, Planes, Polygon, Pattern blocks  playing, Pentominoes, Paper Folding, Pinwheel,  Patterns, Point, Perimeters, Prism, Polyominoes & Polyamonds, Quilts making,  Quadrilateral, Rays, Rhombus, Space Symmetry, String Art, Shape,Similarity  Space Figure,Solid, Spidron System, Space   Filling, Space Geometry, Tangram, Tessellation, Topology, Torus, Tilling, Theorems, Traffic Sign, Triangle, Tensegrity, Truncations, Tooth pik puzzles, Union & Intersection, Volutes, Volume and many more subjects cover all geometry.


“GEOMAITRI” has designed and developed a complete kit for learning geometrical maths comprising almost all manipulative like,  Tangram, Geo board, Building blocks, Geometrical shape, Beads,  Shape  Blocks,   Pantomimes,   Flash  cards,   Fraction  boards,  Attribute  blocks, Pattern blocks, 3 D Solids,  Transparent solids,  Soma cube,  Polyhedra making kit, Games,  Puzzles and so many more covering almost every area of geometrical  maths.  Besides  this  we are  also  using Drinking  straw, Paper pattern shape, Foam shape, Paper folding, Paper board net and Origami which are low cost but very informative and useful manipulative . All The items of the kit are non toxic in nature and non hazardous and therefore it is absolutely safe to be used by young children. Besides this lots of activities  sheets,  maths  manipulative & books are also using.


1. To get rid from Maths Phobia and make Friendship with Maths, among the children.
2. To create excitement and curiosity in mathematics among children, through organizing Workshop and  exhibition in schools, educational institutions, malls. And even in societies.
3.To cultivate and stimulatechildren'ss right brain & left brain and hence ensure whole brain Development to make child genius, geared up to face productive future challenges.
4.To Shape upchildren'ss productive future by doing “ Learn with Fun” Hands on Activities using
  maths' manipulative.
5.To develop balance between eye, brain & hands by doing hands on activities using math manipulative.
6.To make mathematics excited and curios by intriguing brain teasing Activities, game ,puzzles, out door visit to explore maths around us.
7.To improve conceptual understanding, develop geometrical maths, concepts in through hands-on activities and games.
8.To learn informal geometry that relates to our curriculum.
9.To infuse the learning process with math manipulative by doing hands on activities joy and lively interaction.
10.To engage students in Learning through cooperative group activities that help students make sense of geometry ideas as they improve their reasoning skills.
11.To produce real world problems solvers, creators and inventors.
12.To ensure development of IQ and the CQ(creativity quotient).Using Art To Learn Maths, Using Maths To Create Art.
13.To develop imaginary, mechanicals, Kinesthetics, educational, creative, spatial 


Lots of research supports the idea that, Human brain is divided into two hemispheres left brain and right brain. Their modes of understanding are different as shown in the picture. For example Left Brain understand Analytical Math, Science, Black & White colour and Right Brain understand- Geometrical Math, Creative Art & colourful Colour. Research has also proven that in human, the maximum brain development's takes place in the child hood during the age of 0 to 8 years. A child in the age group of 2 to 3 years (pre school age) is ready & eager to receive & code the information. This is the perfect time when children create long term memory. It would be very fortunate for any child if he gets such type of a program at this early stage to ensure right brain participation and to balance the activities of both the hemispheres. If the child crosses this crucial stage then the left brain becomes dominant and its preference emerges stronger.
Conventionally children are introduced to mathematics or calculation at the primary education stage. Say at the age group of 5-6 years. By this age brain preferences have become stronger perceive maths to be “Fun." This is why" GEOMAITRI" Program aims to tap the potential of children from preschool age onwards.
" GEOMAITRI" is  the  only   cognitive  as   well as curriculum based   programs  whose  aim  is  to foster   Geometrical   Maths creativity  in  its  purest  form by hands on activities with the use
of maths  manipulative,  that ensure  participation  of  both  left and right hemispheres of the whole  brain  particularly stimulate and cultivate the right  brain during the early age to shape up
A child's productive future. The human brain is an amazing dynamic creation.It's cerebral cortex layers' holds a forest of nerve  cells that are tree like structure. This  will  grow  when  stimulated
and  shrink when not  stimulated enough. Stimulation of your’s child   brain  growth  comes  from  his / her   experience through mental and physical activities.  Some of the experience comes from toy playing.


“GEOMAITRI” organizes the Geometrical Maths basis exhibition in the schools, institutions, Societies or even in Malls to showcase the geometrical products like Origami Toys, Paper Polyhedra, Straw Art, String Art, Foam Blocks Design, Polyhedra Net, Games, Puzzles, booklets, activities chart etc. to spread the awareness of mathematics among children of all age with the help of hands on toys and math manipulative. we have already participated & exhibited the Maths exhibition during the 17th National Children Science Congress at Science city. The show was very informative and appreciated by visitors.

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We live in Mathematical World ! Let Children Explore Real World Maths Around Us !

Do you know that use of Geometrical Maths is as important as Arithmetic maths in our real Physical world?

Yes in future whatever the field your genius child chooses like Engineering, Architecture, Products Designing, Assembly planning, computer-aided design, Fashion Design, nano technology, Textile designing, Medical Imaging, Biochemical modeling, Astronomy, Robot motion planning, Computer graphics, Fine Art, Animation, Virtual reality, Video gaming, Rocket & Satellite launching and so many other Science and Technology as well as Art related field, he or she must have enthusiasms, interest & basic fundamental knowledge of size, shapes, measurement, figures, patterns, position in space etc. all Geometrical math's concepts & Colours, Creative art, from very early age as basic foundation. His/her left & right brain must be trained during childhood to produce whole brain genius results.

"GEOMAITRI" trains your child’s left & right brain and makes them genius by doing hands on activities using maths manipulative to shape up the productive future. Maths is Fun, hence make Friendship with Mathematics today, Join and Explore Maths Around Us because we live in real mathematical world.

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