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We live in Mathematical World ! Let Children Explore Real World Maths Around Us !

Do you know that use of Geometrical Maths is as important as Arithmetic maths in our real Physical world?

Yes in future whatever the field your genius child chooses like Engineering, Architecture, Products Designing, Assembly planning, computer-aided design, Fashion Design, nano technology, Textile designing, Medical Imaging, Biochemical modeling, Astronomy, Robot motion planning, Computer graphics, Fine Art, Animation, Virtual reality, Video gaming, Rocket & Satellite launching and so many other Science and Technology as well as Art related field, he or she must have enthusiasms, interest & basic fundamental knowledge of size, shapes, measurement, figures, patterns, position in space etc. all Geometrical math's concepts & Colours, Creative art, from very early age as basic foundation. His/her left & right brain must be trained during childhood to produce whole brain genius results.

"GEOMAITRI" trains your child’s left & right brain and makes them genius by doing hands on activities using maths manipulative to shape up the productive future. Maths is Fun, hence make Friendship with Mathematics today, Join and Explore Maths Around Us because we live in real mathematical world.

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